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Responsible Gambling

The latest from us, this page is specifically to inform all of you that we are implementing some special rules which require awareness from our users. However, if you cannot do this, we may not be able to help you if in the future you experience various kinds of problems. Once again, the policies on this page require full awareness from readers and users of our site.

What is Responsible Gaming?

We provide responsible gaming to all of you. Being responsible here means that when you play, you are required to follow the following steps so that you avoid losses that might happen to you in the future.

1. Determine your playing budget

It's simple but very crucial, so by determining a budget, especially separating the needs for playing and daily needs as well as the need for spare money and money to save, you can avoid financial losses that you might experience in the future. come. Of course, this requires the awareness of all of you as users of this site to understand and understand how important this problem is.

Several examples of cases often occur, which are detrimental to some of our service users. Using their assets without thinking about the budget makes them fall and fall financially. We certainly hope that this financial crisis can be dispelled by our users because we also prioritize our service and encourage our customers not to stop playing.

2. Play as a Hobby and Not as a Suggestion for Seeking Fortune

We fully understand that the winner will get a lot of money and improve the financial status of our users. But we also remind you that when playing, you should not expect the game to be a source of income, but play as a hobby. This is important and requires awareness from our users, because we are not a corporation that pays you all.

We fully understand that money is sought here, but this is not the right place to spend money. Because, in this game, you may not get anything and cause various kinds of crises which end in the same way as the first point we mentioned before. Once again, we remind you that you should only use this game as a hobby and not as a source of income.

3. Please Don't Promote Yourself too Much If You Win

Some time ago, many winners when playing on our site, the winners were involved in cases such as theft and robbery. This is because many of our winning users promote themselves as winners on social media sites. For this reason, we will remind all of you that if you win, please do not promote yourself too much on social media. Just have family or someone closest to you who you can trust. Because we don't want any of our users to be involved in problems or cases and we don't have the power to help you with this problem. Once again, this problem is a problem that you must handle and requires your full awareness.